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Set the water options in your world

Active Worlds properties

Configuratie water opties

Activer l'eau - Water enabled :
Activate the water option.

Texture haut - Top texture :
Water texture as seen from above the surface.

Mask haut - Top Mask :
Mask of the water texture seen from above the surface.

Texture bas - Bottom texture :
Water texture as seen from under the surface.

Mask bas - Bottom mask :
Mask of the water texture seen from underneath the surface.

Couleur - Color :
Configure the colorshade of the water, under water included, which will also apply the same colorshade to textures applied to the water.

Opacité - Opacity :
Configure the transparency level of the water, included to the applied textures.

Niveau de l'eau - Water level :
Configure the height of the water level in meters.
Positive or negative values can be specified.

Mouvement des vagues - Wave movement :
Configure the movements of the waves and height.

Mouvement en surface - Surface movement :
Defines the intensity of the horizontal water deplacements.

Vitesse du mouvement - Movement speed :
Speed of the water movements.
Low value : slow.
High value : fast.

Champ de vue sous-marine - Underwater view distance :
Configures the maximum sight in meters under water.
Functions like the option fog.

Note : In contradiction to other textures which have an animated purpose, textures applied to water do not need to be animated because the animated options can be specified in above options. An animated texture like the ones often seen in Active Worlds will not work for water.
A free collection of water textures can be downloaded from this website under the section Free Textures.

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