Grond objecten

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Active Worlds - De grond en terrein objecten

Toegang tot uw virtuele wereld opties

Configureer de grond en het terrein

Ground object repeats (Répéter l'objet du terrain) :
If your world is relatively small or if you desire to only have floor in a small radius around the GZ, choose a RWX or COB object with the desired dimensions and do not repeat the ground object.
If you desire your floor to give the impression of being endless, check this option and use by preference a RWX or COB of 60m which is a perfect size, since the floor repeats itself every 60 meters under the feet of your visitors.

Ground object (Objet sol) :
The ground object is indispensable to activate the Gravity in virtual Active Worlds for example to avoid collision detect problems in hills or stairs. At least, that is the case at time of writing of these manuals.
Use by preference a ground invisible and passable (visible off and solid off) if you do not wish to have the ground but still a correct effect of the gravity.
The ground object, zipped, needs to be placed in the models directory within the FTP space of your virtual world.
Enter the filename without the extension in this field.

Enable terrain (Activer le terrain) :
As the name indicates, this option enables the display of the terrain.
If you do not wish to use terrain in your world, leave the option unchecked.
Click here to obtain more information about the terrain manipulation.

Terrain surface ambiante :
Allows to configure the intensity of the ambient light on the terrain in order to make it correspond with the ambiant surfaces of other RWX or COB objects in your world.
Values of 0 to 1.

Terrain surface diffuse :
Allows to configure the intensity of the diffuse light on the terrain.
Values of 0 to 1.

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