Sky opties

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Sky Colors, achtergrond en skyboxes

Toegang tot uw virtuele wereld opties

Configuratie van uw luchtkleur, achtergrond en skybox

Backdrop (Image de fond) :
The background image is a JPG format which can be placed in the textures directory on your FTP space.
This image can be larger than the textures used within your world, which creates the decor (background) in your virtual world around the poles at the horizon.
The image needs to be seamless, in general rectangular for a better rendering and should have no cuts at the two extreme ends horizontal (seamless).
If you're using a skybox which surrounds your world completely which has no empty or transparent spaces, it is useless to use a backdrop since the backdrop image will be hidden behind the skybox.
You will find a large collection of backgrounds free for download at this website.
Click here to view and download free backdrops.

Skybox (Objet du ciel) :
This is a RWX or COB object which is placed in the models directory on your FTP space.
A Skybox can be an object of different geometric shapes from a simple cube , a dome or cylinder to more complex shapes.
Unlike a backdrop, a skybox can be composed from several textures with or without transparency mask, like all other RWX or COB objects.
It has to be noted that, for the skybox to be visible from the inside, it has to be created in a way that the faces are inversed. An ordinairy object is created with faces from the left to the right, for a skybox you would construct these from the right to the left, or mirror them once the object is finished.
Also to be noted is that a common error seems to be to think that a skybox needs to have enormous dimensions in order to fit around your virtual world. This is not true : A skybox of 1m x 1m is more than enough, it will scale itself automatically to the size of all worlds.

Top (Haut) :
Configure the top color of your world.

North (Nord) :
Configure the North axis color of your world.

East (Est) :
Configure the East axis color of your world.

South (Sud) :
Configure the South axis color of your world.

West (Ouest) :
Configure the West axis color of your world.

Bottom (Bas) :
Configure the bottom color of your world.

Note : the transition of the applied sky colors is smoothly faded, thus without borders.

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