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Active Worlds 3.4 - Opties

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Active Worlds 3.4 - Opties

Disable "create url" (Autoriser les liens) :
Allow the use of Create URL. If your world is open for building to everyone, it is advised to uncheck this option. When active, the option allows to display any webpages and webcontents which are maybe not corresponding to the "rating of your world"... Some images or sounds may also stop to load if the URL pointing to the file is no longer valid (broken links).

Allow pass-thru (Traverser) :
Allows your visitors to pass thru the RWX objects by using the <SHIFT> key.
See also Navigation keyboard/mouse

Allow flying (Voler) :
Allows your visitors to fly in your world with use of the <+> and <-> keys of the numeric keypad.

Allow local teleports (Autoriser les téléportations) :
When unchecked, this option blocks all teleport actions for your visitors which have not been activated by an object. Any attempt to teleport will take the visitor back to the default entry point of your world, in other words to the coordinates you have set in the tab teleport.

Allow object selection (Autoriser la sélection d'objet) :
Allows your visitors to select objects with a right mouse click and thus giving the possibility to discover the name of the object as well as the different commands or actions which might have been applied to the selected RWX object.

Allow tourist whispers (Autoriser murmure touristes) :
Allows tourists (free mode) to send and receive private messages.

Allow citizen whispers (Autoriser murmure citoyen) :
Allows citizens (registered mode) to send and receive private messages.

Hide chat (Masquer les dialogues) :
Hide all dialogs in the chat window.
Only useful when you use a bot which acts in specific ways to the chat or are relaying the chat, for example to filter inappropriate words/language or color the chat text.

Always show names (Toujours montrer les noms) :
Display the alias names of your visitors above their avatar even if they didn't send any messages yet, unlike if the option would be unchecked.

Allow avatar collision (Autoriser collision avatars) :
By default, avatars can be passed-thru ( solid off ).
When checking this option, collisions will be detected for each avatar.
Only use this option whe needed, since it consumes a lot of computer resources.

Enable 3-axis object rotation (Activer la rotation sur 3 axes) :
Allow the rotation around the 3 axis X, Y and Z. By default, these options are deactivated in the construction window.

Disable avatar list (Masquer la liste des avatars) :
Deactivate the avatar list.
Only useful for worlds which use a bot to act in specific ways to the avatars, to allow or disallow the use of cretain avatars by certain people for example.

Allow tourist building (Autoriser la construction touristes) :
Allow all connected persons in tourist (free) mode to build in your world.

Enable browser referer (not displayed) :
When checked, the browser of your visitor will send an http referer string with each http request it makes to your object path to download objects to their local cache.

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