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Active World 3.4 properties - General

Access to the configuration of your world

Active World 3.4 - General

Name :
Title or worldname which will be displayed in the top line of the browser as well as welcome message followed by the alias name of the new arriving visitor if the "Welcome message" has been left blank.

Object path (Chemin d'objets) :
Path which indicates at which FTP space your avatars,models, seqs, sounds and textures directories are stored. If your world is hosted with Alterlinks the object path will be
Note : by default the object path points to objects.activeworldsdotcom/aw which gives access to the older objects, models, textures, avatars aso... of Active Worlds.
If you wish to use the megapath which is more recent, higher quality and more exhaustive, enter host.activeworldsdotcom/megapath.
To download all or part of the megapath to be used on your own FTP space, click here.

Home page (Page WEB) :
Here you can specify which URL should be displayed when a visitor enters your world. To be noted that the actual display or not depends on the configuration of the visitor's browser in the WEB tab of their browser.

Welcome message (Message d'entrée) :
This message will be displayed in green colored text in the chat window to every new arriving visitor in your virtual world as well as in real time, after each modification of this field. To insert a Carriage Return character in your message, the keycombination <CTRL> + <ENTER> used for composing Telegrams doesn't work here.
You can still insert tabs and Carriage Returns in this field, but only by use of a bot.

Search keywords (Mots clé) :
Choose words, seperated by a comma, in relation to your world. These words should be pertinent and in relation to the theme of your world. Indeed, it's in function of these words that potential visitors will find your world when they're searching for specific characteristics in the Search tab.

Entry point (Point d'arrivée) :
Enter here the coordinates where you wish your visitors to enter your world by default. This place needs to choosen with keeping in mind that your new visitors won't have loaded your world's cache yet. Also, if you choose for your visitors to arrive on top of a RWX or COB object which is not loaded in their local cache yet, they will have nothing under their feet and they will fall down into nothing !
If you leave this field empty, your visitors will arrive at point zero ( GZ ) which means 0N 0W and with O meters altitude.

Set to my position (Position actuelle) :
Makes the choice easier and more precise to select the coordinates for the entry point of your world. Move yourself to the desired location and click "Set to my position". As soon as clicked, it will have been set as the new entry point for your visitors.

Object password (Code objets) :
If you protect your .zip files ( models and/or masks) with a password, enter your password here in this field. Without it, your models and/or masks (if you protected them with a password) will not load.

Object refresh (Rafraîchissement) :
Value expressed in minutes after which your visitors will compare their local cache with the actual contents of your world. As explained in the caretaker manual, it is inutile to specify a short time if you didn't modify either a RWX or a texture without changing it's name or either didn't modify the avatar list.
The example of 10080 minutes corresponds to one week.

Restricted radius (Domaine réservé) :
Radius in meters where on the inside only the owner (caretaker) and persons who have the right to use the special objects of the world can build.

Max. light radius (Rayonnement) :
Maximum radius, expressed in meters, authorised for light effects. See also the command light for more details.

Cell data limit (Densité objets) :
Normal, large or enormous.
Defines the construction capacity per cell. One cell represents a zone of 10 m², including the height and depth. Choosing "enormous" will authorise to build more objects within a zone but often has as result to make rendering, downloads and fluency slower in your world which could easily obtain too many RWX or COB files in a zone.

World rating (Niveau du monde) :
"G", "PG", "PG-13", "R" and "X".
In order of appearance "all ages" to "adults only", to be choosen in function of the characteristics of your world (contents). Following the coding of parental control (or Rating ) the virtual worlds might not appear in the worldslist of some users. For example, if your world contains material ment for adults only and a parent has set the configuration of their child's Active World browser to only be able to access worlds for all ages, this particular child will not only not see your world in the worldslist, but will also not be able to enter your world, including using the Teleport commands, not even if the worldname in question would be known.
Note : The choice to which public a virtual world is addressed is left up to the owner of the world and his or her appreciation. The showed world ratings displayed in the world list does thus not necessarily correspond to a visitor's appreciation.

Minimum visibilty (Visibilité minimale) :
Value expressed in meters.
Imposes to your visitors a minimum view distance, independant of the value they might have specified in the performance tab and in the menu visibility.
A choice judicial in function of the building in your world. If it concerns a world where the RWX or COB objects are wide spread and not very numerous (like a desert, for example), you can impose a higher view distance without the risico that your visitors will be complaining about "not avancing".
If on the other hand the building is variated and close together, leave this value at its minimum value, which is 30 metres.
When making this choice, also keep in mind that maybe not everybody has a very high performance computer.

Avatar updates per second (Rafraîssement avatar par seconde) :
The default (and advised) value is 1.
It indicates the number of times an avatar will be refreshed in one second.
Allows to configure the fluency of avatars but can also be very resource and bandwidth hungry. Again, keep in mind that not everyone might have a high perfomance computer.
Note : not to be confused with the refreshment concerning the RWX / COB files as well as the avatar list (avatars.dat), which doesn't apply to "Avatar updates per second".

Gravity (Gravité):
Configure the earth's gravity.
If you desire a simulation of reality, enter the value 1.
The effect is moreover visible when flying.

Under water gravity (Gravité marine) :
Configures the gravity under water activated by the Water option.
Allows to configure a density of water and the reaction of when an avatar gets in contact with water.
If you desire a simulation of reality, enter a negative value for the under water gravity, for example 1 in function of the desired density and resistance.

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