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Authorise / Deny in your virtual world

Toegang tot uw virtuele wereld opties

Authorisations venster in uw virtuele wereld

In every case, these fields will need to be filled, either by a * charcter or either by one or several citizennumbers, seperated by commas.
The * is a wildcard character which indicates "everybody".
See also contact list to know the citizennumber attributed to a certain person or alias name.

ATTENTION : every time you grant rights to a certain citizennumber, you automatically also give these rights to everyone who has access to this citizen's privilege password.

The fields which are really recommended to provide a value for and not to leave them empty (neither an * character) are indicated in red.

Enter (Entrer) :
Enter here the citizennumbers which you want to allow to enter your world. Your world will appear in the world list marked with a gray icon, indicating that your world is a private world.

Build (Constuire) :
Enter here the citizennumbers who you want to allow to build in your world.

Eminent domain (Modifier) :
Every citizennumber entered in this field has the rights to modify and/or destroy construction made by him/herself as well as that of others.

Special objects (Objets speciaux) :
Enter here the citizennumbers you want to allow to use the special objects in your world (RWX or COB files starting with the letter Z, or alos called zobjects).
To be noted that these citizens will have the right to build in the radius of the restricted radius.

Special commands (Effets spéciaux) :
Enter here the list of citizennumbers who you wish to allow to use special commands like move and rotate.

Public speaker (Moderer) :
(Public Speakers or PS).
The AW browser is by default configured to read messages from at maximum 50 persons nearest you. Messages from citizens with the right "Public speaker" can be read by all, independant of the number of persons present within his/her zone.
Their messages will appear in bold and they will have access to the special avatars.
It is thus not necessary to attribute this right if your world can not welcome more than 50 visitors at any given time (user license).

Eject (Ejecter) :
This list contains citizens authorised to eject others, citizens or tourist, from your world.

Bots (Robots) :
Enter here the list of citizens authorised to use a robot (more often called bot) in your world.

Speak (Parler) :
Enter her the list of citizens authorised to speak in your world.

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